Skills Developers should learn from Sales Teams

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Sales reps are excellent listeners

A sales rep’s job is to figure out if the lead needs their product.

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When was the last time you disqualified a feature and stripped it off from production?

The interaction between a sales rep and a client is very different from that between a software and a user. So the classic listening techniques might not work.

All observations should lead to an upgraded experience, just like the sales rep who came up with an upgraded pitch.

Sales reps build and maintain trust

People buy from you only if they:

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We should treat every signup as a personal handshake and endure turning it into a long term relationship, based on truth, respect, and openness.

This means not selling your user’s data to Google (by using Google Analytics) and proactive measures to safeguard every user’s personal information.

Privacy and trust should be a design principle.

Good sales reps close consistently

What good is a salesperson who doesn’t produce consistent revenue?

Good deals take time

For our failed startup, I pursued a client for 12 months in order to schedule a demo. After having called them 2–3 times/ month for an year, they agreed to meet me.


  • Observe your users and act on your observations
  • Cultivate your user’s trust by being truthful and open
  • Be consistent
  • Know that products take time to evolve



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