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A collection of resource to make less mistakes while building Card based UIs

Photo by Patrik Velich on Unsplash

Cards UI are the notoriously flexible building blocks of every modern application. Their forgiving nature allows us to go wrong and make some mistakes that could have been avoided.

I didn’t realise it until I made those mistakes and referred to Google for ideas. Here’s my goto list of resources:

Clojure is a functional LISP dialect written by Rich Hickey. It is recommended by Paul Graham and Uncle Bob Martin as the go-to modern LISP.

Clojure is a hosted language

What’s so special about Clojure?

Clojure is a usable, yet purist, language. It is not as strict as Haskell or Ocaml, nor as forgiving as JavaScript or Python. It stays true to the functional aspect and stresses the importance of building simple systems.

It doesn’t run on a VM itself but is hosted on the…

This month’s startup ideas have 3 offerings:

Text to social media ads

Most posters/ads/banners are not creative production, but just an aggregation of stock photos, graphics, and content. This aggregation takes is a set of menial tasks like:

  • Search Stock Photo Sites
  • Search Stock Graphic Sites
  • Create a simple Design

Automate these tasks in an…

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